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Let Us Be Healthy ! Let Us Have Good Quality Living.

Your loss has left all of us deeply saddened.

G. J. G. Yoga Academy is a dynamic institution run by a group of dedicated people whose sole purpose is to spread the message of “Let Us Be Healthy! Let Us Have Good Quality Living”.
We Strongly believe.

  • To be born as Human Being is the most precious gift of Nature.
  • Each human being has the right to lead a life full of Happiness, Joy and Contentment.
  • Fear-Anger-Tension, Jealousy has no place in one’s Life.
  • Tension situation are Fact of Life. But need not be Way of Life.
  • Health is real wealth and Happiness.
  • With little awareness, one can add years to life, and life to years, releases stress and not only prevent but helps to get rid off diseases, increases vitality, energy and immunity, develop a proper Attitude towards life and learn to live happily moment to moment, without grumbling.

जी. जे. जी. योग अकेडमी ही एक उत्साही आणि क्रियाशील लोकांची संघटना. “निरोगी होऊया, निरोगी राहुया आणि आनंदानी जगुया” हा केवळ विचार न राहता सर्वसामान्य जनतेच्या जीवनात ती एक वस्तुस्थिती व्हावी या हेतुने डॉ. धनंजय गुंडे यांच्या नेत्रुत्वाखाली आणि मार्गदर्शानाखाली या संस्थेची सुरवात १४ जुन १९७८ रोजी झाली. जुन महीना हा जी. जे. जी. योग अकेडमीचा साधकांना महत्वाचा १४ जुन हा वर्धापन दिन, तर २४ जुन हा डा. धनंजय गुंडे यांचा वाढदिवस.

१४ जुन हा दिवस आणि “जी. जे. जी.” या नावाला खास महत्व आहे. १४ जुन हा डॉ. धनंजय गुंडे यांचे पिताश्री स्व. श्री. गुंडाप्पा जिन्नाप्पा गुंडे ( जी. जे. जी.) यांच्या पुण्यतिथीचा दिवस.

Holistic Yoga Health Workshops

Lalita Gunde

Mrs. Lalita Dhananjay Gunde

This workshop is not just another yoga class. It is not only a course of some physical postures, but mainly deals with psycho­ physiological aspect of being, which brings about an inner transformation, deals with important subject of mental tension, facilitates an attitudinal change and brings clarity, positive and creative insight into one’s own life.

This course is for every one – young or old, healthy or diseased, for all levels of health status. It helps students to do better at school, employees to be more productive, house wives -professionals-business men and others to lead a happier and more contended life.

It is an ideal and most essential needed training for family members business counterparts, to get together and have a proper understanding of some very important and vital subjects of our lives, which are normally neglected. This helps not only to promote better health but also to have more co-ordial, harmonious relationship amongst each other which is the most important need for “Quality of better living”.

Under the able guidance of Dr. D. G. Gunde, M. S. practicing Orthopaedic surgeon and Yoga Therapy Consultant, G.J.G. Yoga Academy has formulated an 18 – session “Total Holistic Yoga Health Workshop” which not only helps to avoid and overcome health problems like hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes, spondylosis, depression, anxiety, asthma etc. but also helps to lead a life of joy and good health, and teaches the art of living without grumbling. The course includes basic lessons in Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation, detailed guidance regarding diet, exercises, rest, different methods of relaxations like Laughing Yoga, Shavasana, information about interpersonal relationship and how to get rid of vices like smoking etc.

All the above courses are aimed to train the participants to learn the art of “Drugless and BloodlessTherapy for Germless Diseases” like coronary artery disease, spondylosis, Diabetes, Depression etc. Come one, Come all and avail the opportunity of this wonderful art of healthy living.

Mrs. Lalita Dhananjay Gunde
Director GJG Yoga Academy

Books Published by GJG Yoga Academy

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arogyaci gurukilli
aple arogya aplya hathi
he jagane aanandache
antarmukhi sadasukhi
yag arogya karyashala urf tan vyavsthapan saransh